What You Need to Know About Glacier Point

Yosemite National Park is full of so many natural wonders. From majestic, towering mountains to cool, sparkling waterfalls, there are countless sights to see in this breathtaking destination. You can wander through a grove of giant sequoias or wander through the stunning Yosemite Valley; however, no matter what you choose to do, you’re guaranteed to have a blast here. One spot you simply cannot skip when visiting the Yosemite National Park is Glacier Point. Take a look at a few things you need to know before you go, then start planning your exciting adventure to Glacier Point today!

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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Visiting Glacier Point

How to Get to Glacier Point

There are three different ways to reach Glacier Point:

By Bus: There’s a free shuttle that runs from Badger Pass to Glacier Point. Its route starts at 10am and runs until 4:30pm. The last shuttle departs from Glacier Point at 5:30pm. This shuttle is usually accessible from mid-May to September- you can call the park to find out the specific dates. Bus tours are also available at certain times along Glacier Point Road.

By Car: You can typically drive to Glacier Point from mid-May to October (depending on the road conditions). If you’re coming from the Yosemite Valley, you’ll travel down Wawona Road before turning onto Glacier Point Road- it’s about a 32-mile drive.

On Foot: The Yosemite Glacier Point hike is a trek like none other! You’ll gain 6,400 feet of elevation as you make the challenging journey to this attraction. You can make it from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point by way of the Four Mile Trail. It’s a steep path that starts at the base of Sentinel Rock and climbs to the top of Yosemite Valley, ending at Glacier Point. It takes about 4 hours one way and the route isn’t easy, but the reward at the end is well worth the effort. The Panorama Trail will take you back to the valley floor.

What to Do at Glacier Point

Whether you hike, drive, or take the shuttle to Glacier Point, you’ll be treated to some of the most incredible, jaw-dropping views in the entire park. Gaze in awe at the panoramic views of the surrounding scenery- you’ll get to see other beautiful highlights of Yosemite National Park, including Half Dome, the Yosemite Valley, and Yosemite Falls. You can enjoy skiing and snowshoeing here during the winter as well as birdwatching and stargazing all year long! Restrooms and parking are both available here.

Other Hikes Along the Glacier Point Road

Don’t let your fun end at Glacier Point! There are several other hikes along this road that deserve some attention as well. They all vary in length and difficulty, so you’ll be able to choose the trail that suits you best. Take a look at the full list of day hikes along Glacier Point Road!

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