09/08 2017

Yosemite Winter Tours to Experience

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There’s nothing quite as impressive as wintertime in Yosemite. The towering snow-capped peaks and frozen waterfalls suspended in time are a truly incredible sight to behold. Whether you opt to...

08/31 2017

Sonora Christmas Festival

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Each year, when it’s time to begin shopping for Christmas presents, do you get a little anxious about finding perfect gifts for the ones you love? What do they want or need? Where can you buy...

08/26 2017

Sonora Christmas Parade

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If you're planning to spend Thanksgiving in Yosemite and really want to get into the swing of the holidays, we have just the thing! Don't miss the annual Sonora Christmas Parade, held the Friday...

08/19 2017

Spend Thanksgiving in Yosemite

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With the holidays approaching, it’s time to plan meals, invite guests and begin decorating your home. But if a typical Thanksgiving celebration is not exactly what you have in mind, why not...

08/12 2017

Yosemite Wine Tasting

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The Sierra Foothills region has a unique way of appealing to a wide variety of people who want to experience very different things on their California adventure. Of course, Yosemite National Park...

08/08 2017

In Search of a Yosemite Brewery?

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If you thought a mountainous region like the Yosemite Valley would have a few great watering holes to visit after a day of hiking and exploring, you are correct! For craft brew lovers, a frothy...

08/05 2017

Where to Get Your Yosemite Coffee Fix

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Those who don't drink coffee may not quite understand the need to map out coffee shops while on vacation. But, just know it’s important to your fellow coffee-drinking travelers. From the first...

07/22 2017

Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Yosemite

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When you travel, especially, breakfast is the most important meal of the day? And when you’re heading into Yosemite, one of the most beautiful national parks in the U.S., you need proper fuel to...

07/15 2017

Spend a Lovely Afternoon at La Folia Winery

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There’s a fantastic story behind nearly every vineyard and winemaker out there, and La Folia Winery in downtown Murphys, CA, is no different. As the owners say themselves, their wines are a...

07/06 2017

What You Need to Know About Glacier Point

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Yosemite National Park is full of so many natural wonders. From majestic, towering mountains to cool, sparkling waterfalls, there are countless sights to see in this breathtaking destination. You...

07/03 2017

Your Guide to the Best Tuolumne Restaurants

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No vacation is complete without some scrumptious dining! If you’re in California exploring the magnificent Yosemite National Park, you’ll soon discover there are many other things to do in its...

06/19 2017

Enjoy a Day of Fun at the Moaning Cavern Adventure Park

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California’s many attractions create endless opportunities for fun in the great outdoors!  From the famous Yosemite National Park to its numerous lakes and caves, you’ll always find something...

06/12 2017

6 of the Best Groveland, CA, Restaurants, that You Need to Try!

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Vacations to Yosemite are truly inspirational, but don’t spend all your time in this one area!  There are numerous smaller towns surrounding this scenic spot that area also worth a visit, such as...

06/12 2017

Here’s Why You Will Love the Strawberry Music Festival

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Music has a magical way of bringing people together! With such a wide variety of sounds and styles, this art form is a wonderful way to provide entertainment for a community. If music is your...

06/06 2017

Have an Amazing Day at the Milliaire Winery

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Wine tasting is a favorite pastime of many. Visiting a winery, admiring their scenic vineyards, and tasting their handcrafted products is always a treat. If you’re visiting the amazing Sierra...