Here’s Why You Will Love the Strawberry Music Festival

Music has a magical way of bringing people together! With such a wide variety of sounds and styles, this art form is a wonderful way to provide entertainment for a community. If music is your passion, then Northern California is the perfect vacation destination for you! This area is filled with numerous performances, events, and festivals that are worth attending. One event that you can’t miss is the Strawberry Music Festival. A family-friendly camping music festival that takes place in both the fall and spring, the Strawberry Music Festival is an incredible event you won’t want to miss, so you can mark your calendar today.

Everything You Need to Know About the Strawberry Music Festival in Northern California

When and Where

This beloved California event has two different dates in two different parts of the state. The spring event takes place in May and is held in Grass Valley, CA, while the fall event usually takes place in late August/early September and is held in Tuolumne, CA. The Fall Strawberry Music Festival 2017 dates are August 31st-September 4th.

Strawberry Music Festival Schedule

You’ll be thrilled by the Strawberry Music Festival lineup! You’ll be treated to the amazing music of numerous bands, each bringing their own unique style and sound. In addition to these fantastic performances, you can also enjoy a wide variety of other fun activities, such as food vendors, jam sessions, kids’ activities, and much more. Follow their Facebook page to get the latest news on their upcoming events and performers!

How to Get Strawberry Music Festival Tickets

You can conveniently purchase your music festival tickets online through their website! They are available in limited quantities, so you probably want to buy them as soon as you can. You can choose your tickets based on how many days you want to attend the festival; there are also different prices for adults, teenagers, and children.

Where to Stay While You’re in Town for the Strawberry Music Festival

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