Prepare to Be Amazed by 4 of the Best Cavern Tours near Yosemite

The world is filled with countless natural wonders that are so surreal, they almost seem magical.  If you’re vacationing in the Yosemite Valley of Northern California, you’ll see many of these gorgeous phenomena, including towering peaks and sparkling waterfalls.  Some of the most incredible features, however, are the enchanting caverns that are scattered throughout this area.  Immerse yourself in an entirely different world when you enter these magnificent caves; you’re bound to see sights you’ve never seen anywhere else before!  Discover some of the best cavern tours you can take near Yosemite to start planning the trip of a lifetime today!

4 of the Best Spots for Cavern Tours near Yosemite

  1. Mercer Cavern

You’ll be treated to an extraordinary experience when you visit the Mercer Cavern near Yosemite National Park!  Here, you’ll see brightly colored rocks, bizarre geological formations, and numerous stalagmites.  Originally used by prehistoric Yokuts Indians, it is now one of the most popular year-round tourist attractions in the region.  

  1. California Cavern

Not only does this cavern contain amazing sights, but it also has a fascinating history.  Mammoth Cave, part of the series of caves that comprise the California Cavern, was opened for tours all the way back in 1850; this makes it one of the oldest recorded caverns in the Mother Lode region of California.  It even attracted some famous writers throughout the years, like John Muir and Mark Twain.  Today, it’s a state historic landmark that offers unbelievable features to admire, like beaded helictites and endless displays of stalactites.

  1. Black Chasm Cavern

Due to it stunning display of helictite crystals, the Black Chasm Cavern has been recognized as a National Natural Landmark.  This is one of the best cavern tours in Northern California; in addition to its rare sights, you can also enjoy gemstone mining here and explore the Visitors Center to learn more about the area.  

  1. Moaning Cavern

This cavern’s vertical chamber is so tall, it could actually fit the entire Statue of Liberty!  Moaning Cavern is the tallest cavern you can visit in Northern California, and since it is so spacious, you can actually zipline through it!  The abundant room also allows a climbing wall and concerts and other festive events.  

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