Why the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School Is One of the Best Places to Visit

Choosing a vacation destination can be tricky. If you want a place that’s filled with amazing outdoor recreation, fascinating historic sites, and spectacular vineyards, the state of California is perfect for you! One of the best attractions found here is the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School. Learn why this is such a favorite spot and make plans to visit today!

Everything You Need to Know about the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School

Location and Hours

You will find this wonderful attraction in the historic gold mining town of Columbia, California. The address of the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School is 11755 Coarse Gold Lane. They don’t have set hours, so call them at (209) 532-3015 to book your visit or attend a previously scheduled class.

About the Cooking School

Expand your cooking skills and culinary knowledge when you take a class at the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School! They offer a wide selection of courses that teach you how to prepare a variety of delectable treats, including soups, sauces, appetizers, desserts, and even international cuisine. You can call to book a private class- this is a fantastic option for birthday parties, anniversaries, or just enjoying a fun activity with family or friends. Be sure to “Like” their Facebook page so you can stay up-to-date on their upcoming events and classes!

About the Winery

Although there are many outstanding wineries in California, the Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School stands apart. It is the oldest winery in all of the Sierra Foothills and creates some truly splendid wines. Ron Erickson is the talented professional who runs both the winery and teaches the cooking classes, so be sure to introduce yourself when you visit!

Other Nearby Attractions to Visit

Columbia, California, is filled with fun things to do! An area that boasts a rich history, this town offers several activities that you have to try while you’re here. The Columbia State Historic Park is a unique place that contains a multitude of activities to try, like taking a tour in an authentic stage coach, mining for gold, or exploring its many monuments. It even has a museum, so make sure not to skip this attraction!

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