Here’s Why You’ll Love the Stanislaus National Forest

California contains all kinds of iconic, natural wonders that are truly extraordinary.  With the many features in and around Yosemite National Park, like incredible mountains, caverns, and waterfalls, this region’s numerous attractions are hard to beat.  One spot you don’t want to miss during your trips to California is the Stanislaus National Forest in Sonora, CA; this gorgeous wilderness spans approximately 898,099 acres of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.  The varied terrain and environment of this area, nestled between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, provides opportunities for a wide variety of activities.  Discover what awaits you in this magnificent forest, then start making plans to see this amazing place during your next California getaway!

3 Fun Things to Do in the Stanislaus National Forest

  1. Enjoy Scenic Hiking

Prepare to be amazed when you embark on a journey along one of the many trails of the Stanislaus National Forest!  Winding along streams, waterfalls, lakes, and more, the many trails of the Stanislaus National hiking areas are the perfect way to connect with nature.  Some of them even offer panoramic overlooks of the stunning surrounding wilderness, so don’t forget to bring your camera along!  These many trails range in difficulty, so hikers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy exploring this forest.  Horseback riding is also an option on certain trails!

  1. Go Fishing

There are many sources of water in the Stanislaus National Forest, which is great news for all those avid fishermen out there!  Choose from lake, pond, stream, or river fishing when you visit this forest.  You’re bound to return home with the biggest catch of your life, whether you go fly fishing in the shallow waters or launch a boat from one of the many ramps.  Swimming and other water activities are permitted in most areas as well.  

  1. See All Kinds of Wildlife

Fir and pine trees thrive in the Stanislaus National Forest, creating homes for a wide variety of wildlife.  Wolverine have been spotted in these woods, while peregrine falcons are constantly seen making their homes in these trees.  Keep your eyes peeled and you might even see a majestic bald eagle soaring through the sky!

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