A little 21st century comforts in a 20th century hotel

Our first renovation endeavor now that the season has started to slow a bit was to remove all the large, bulky, noisy, inefficient and unattractive AC/Heat units in the upstairs rooms out.  Hotel Charlotte is a historic hotel, therefore the rooms are not 500 square feet, so every piece of floor space is like gold – as well as trying to improve the aesthetic of the rooms.  In their place (along with the rooms on the first floor which had no individual heat/AC previously), we installed high energy efficient Mitsubishi individual Heat/AC units.  We had a great team from AireServ of Gold Country do the installation and highly recommend them! We really felt that this was the most important update we could make for a few reasons and therefore started here:

  • Make the hotel more green by installing one of the most energy efficient units available
  • Open up the floor space for guests in our quaint, but not large rooms
  • Install units that are almost noiseless and extremely effective in a very short time
  • Overall improvement of the aesthetics

We did a lot of research prior to deciding on Mitsubishi, and while they are among the most expensive options, they are very green, unbelievably reliable (and include a 7 year warranty YAY!) and look sleek. 

Photos of 2 rooms before

Photos of 2 rooms after

And next will be the start of the overall room renovations!  We’ve just begun on room 10 as a demo.  Photos to come…although we are sure learning the hard way to take off wallpaper!  We’re getting great arm workout and a few blisters.

More to come…

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