Local, organic produce at the Charlotte

Local, organic produce – that and the talents of Chef Doug are what make our food so amazing.  The Charlotte Bistro & Bar focuses on using the best local ingredients will minimal fats, butter and creams to really highlight the beautiful produce that is grown in this area.  It amazes me daily when I run food to a table and see the brilliant colors on the plate from the yellow watermelon (yes, yellow organic watermelon) to the green and red heirloom tomatoes to our signature pineapple dessert dish with brilliant yellow pineapple and a green cilantro coolie.  Food should be an experience for all your senses including your eyes!  Yesterday at breakfast I was talking to a guest who gave us a wonderful compliment on the dinner he had at the Bistro & Bar the night before – he said that the dishes were such surprisingly creative combinations that just exploded in his mouth.  He’s already planning his next visit! Why pay for a dinner that you could make at home, rather pay for an experience other than one you could re-create at home!

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