Hotel Charlotte, Groveland California, Yosemite - Groveland, California, CA 95321, United States

Charlotte Bistro & Bar

The Charlotte Bistro & Bar is open for the season.  We are serving dinner Wednesdays through Sundays 6pm to 10pm. 

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At the Charlotte Bistro & Bar we feature:

  • small plates
  • outdoor dining
  • local wine, beer on tap and full bar with specialty cocktails
  • vegetarian specials
  • all housemade dishes, sauces, desserts, etc.


“At the Charlotte Bistro & Bar our approach to food is very simple: we cook what we like to eat which includes food that highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients, low amounts of butter and cream and integration of local ingredients. We prefer creating sauces with vegetable juice bases and vinaigrette, light emulsified stocks and purees as well as delicate broths, and herb-infused meat and fish essences. We do not want the our guests walking out the restaurant feeling as if they over-indulged, but rather perfectly satiated. We want them to feel stimulated and alert, knowing that they will be able to look forward a great outing to Yosemite the next day!

In taking the time to seek out the best that the Sierra Foothills have to offer, we’ve found a different kind of bounty here in Gold Country. From the vineyards to the farmers, it’s a story of great people producing exciting products. It’s from these fields and cellars that we’ve combined the best raw products together to create a fun and tasteful menu. We believe that supporting farmers who are directly connected to the land near our restaurant can create food that is naturally indigenous to this part of California and unfold with the changing of the seasons.

With a relaxed and casual service experience, we invite you to take your time and savior the experience. We’re excited for you to join us on your trip here to the Gateway of Yosemite, and enjoy in the bounty that the region has on offer.

Bon appetite"

Chef/Owner Doug Edwards


18736 Main St
Groveland, CA

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